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  • Do you have a high water bill?
  • Is mould visible from your walls or roof?

These signs (along with any odd pools of water in the middle of the floor) may indicate a water leak. Water leaks are more common that you may realise, and Whywait Plumbing has fixed hundreds of water leaks over the past 41 years.

We are the water leak detection and water leak repair experts on the Gold Coast!

We find and fix water leaks, wherever they are – behind walls, under floors, under sinks, underground and anywhere plumbing is located. If there is a leak, we will find it!

Do you have an existing water leak and not sure where it is coming from? Maybe you would like to ensure you can detect a water leak as soon as it happens? Whywait Plumbing are water leak repair experts on the Gold Coast.
We detect water leaks quickly, and if required can install a water leak detector so you never run the risk of flooding the home again!

A water leak will never fix itself. A small leak almost always turns into a big leak, and therefore becomes more expensive to fix.

How We Work

Our sophisticated water leak detection equipment will quickly find the source of the water leak.
We will then report to you, letting you know what the problem is and the cost to repair the water leak as we always guarantee upfront pricing.

Our licensed plumbers will then carry out the work, fixing your leak, and testing to ensure there are no more leaks.

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