With a water pipe leak, it’s commonly said that prevention is the key… and frequently it saves you thousands of dollars in hassles and water damage. That’s why you want to prevent the hassles now, before they hit you where it hurts most – in your pocket!

At Whywait Plumbing we have always preached that preventative maintenance policies and procedures will prevent many of the major cost blow outs in plumbing maintenance.

As always prevention on checking for water pipe leaks is always the best solution as underground concealed leaks are often impossible to see especially if your home is on sandy soil or has lots of garden vegetation. The simplest way to check if you have a concealed water pipe leak is:

  1. check taps and toilets are not leaking
  2. turn off all taps including washing machine, dishwasher and toilet cistern
  3. check the water meter and write down the dial reading then after 1 hour check the water meter again and write down the dial reading
  4. turn back on as applicable washing machine, dishwasher and toilet cistern taps

If the dial reading on the meter has changed after 1 hour then in all likelihood you have an underground concealed leak and you need to give Whywait a call.

If the dial reading has not changed that means your underground piping is fine but we recommend you record your water use every month as any change in water use patterns will quickly indicate a possible leak.

There are other types of meters used but the examples above cover most commonly used meter types but as always if you have a problem with your water meter feel free to contact Whywait Plumbing.

As a rule of thumb YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for any water leak after the council meter that is on your property. Therefore we recommend that you at least check your water meter reading every month and seriously consider the installation of an AquaTrip water pipe leak detection and control system.