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Smart Hot Water is a Reality With a CO2 Smart Heat Pump Hot Water System Reducing Your Hot Water Energy Costs by Up To 80% Rain, Hail or Shine.

Whywait Plumbing has been your local professional plumber for 42 years and is the only certified specialist CO2 Smart Heat Pump hot water system distributor on the Gold Coast.

Smart hot water is now a reality with a CO2 Smart Heat Pump Hot Water System recommended and installed by Whywait Plumbing. A CO2 Smart Heat Pump Hot Water System is the highest rated heat pump system on the market as certified by the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator.

As an energy-efficient replacement for your traditional electric hot water system, it saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by absorbing heat from the air and transferring it to heat the water which ultimately saves you money.

The CO2 Smart Heat Pump Hot Water System really is the smart next generation, high-efficiency heat pump technology guaranteed to reduce hot water energy costs by up to 80%.

A CO2 Smart Heat Pump Hot Water System is functional delivering hot water day or night no matter what the weather conditions. Whether it’s pouring with rain or the sun is shining from a clear blue Queensland sky we can guarantee you will always have an abundance of hot water.

A CO2 Smart Heat Pump Hot Water System works the same as air conditioning units, except in this instant it is used to heat rather than cool.  A fan draws in the ambient air where an ozone friendly refrigerant absorbs the heat, which then flows into a compressor and is converted into high temperature gas. The high temperature gas passes through a condenser within the water tank which then heats the water inside the tank.

Features & Benefits of Whywait’s CO2 Smart Heat Pump Hot Water System

  • Unequivocally manufactured for Australia’s unique conditions
  • Premium quality marine grade, 316 stainless steel storage tanks manufactured in Australia by Albury Consolidated Industries Pty Ltd
  • Available as a 315-litre squat stainless steel storage tank at 1490mm in height and 685mm in diameter
  • Available as a 315-litre tall stainless steel storage tank at 2090mm in height and 565mm in diameter
  • Utilises ozone friendly R744, CO2 heat pump refrigerant
  • Whisper quiet operation with the lowest noise level, 37dB of any heat pump hot water system making it genuinely neighbour friendly
  • Automated legionella control operations for your protection
  • The only smart heat pump units with a separate smart controller that allows you to customise your hot water management at the touch of a button
  • Faster and continuous hot water with a smart top-down heating sensor that ensures there is always 220 litres of hot water above the sensor
  • Uses only $360 of electricity on average per year giving you an estimated payback period of 3 years from the electricity required by traditional electric storage hot water systems
  • Savings of up to 80% off conventional electric storage hot water bills
  • 50% faster heat recovery averaging 3 hours to heat 315 litres of water from 19 ºC to 60 ºC
  • Highest level of STC rebates currently available for smart hot water heat pump units with 32 STC’s currently averaging $1152 in rebates after installation
  • Easy installation with maximum flexibility as the stainless steel storage tank and heat pump unit can be located up to 8 metres away from each other
  • Automatic heating cycle ideal for use with off-peak electricity rates and PV systems
  • No backup element required or is even installed
  • 15-year warranty on stainless steel tank
  • 6-year compressor warranty
  • 3-year PCB main and display warranty
  • 1-year controller and sensor lead warranty

Installing a CO2 Smart Heat Pump Hot Water System with Whywait Plumbing guarantees your performance, energy savings, and advantages that no other heat pump hot water system can offer.

For more information on how you can become the owner of the most environmentally efficient CO2 Smart Heat Pump Hot Water System and heat your water 50% faster than any other heat pump unit, contact Whywait Plumbing Services today.

We are industry leaders in smart hot water technology, so we can answer all your questions to help make the right decision….not only for hot water but all your plumbing needs!

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