Guaranteed Upfront Pricing Means You Always Know The Price Of Your Job Before We Commence Work

Guaranteed upfront pricing by Whywait Plumbing has been our policy since 1999 as we know near the top of the question list for every client is “how much is this going to cost?”

guaranteed upfront pricing

As the Gold Coast’s leading plumbing maintenance company since 1976, we understand you want to know the cost now, but no professional plumber can ever give you a price over the phone without an on-site evaluation and diagnosis.

This is why we always have one of our professional plumbers attend at your home or business to diagnose your problem thoroughly, and the service task’s to be undertaken. He will then provide you with a range of fully costed solutions, and these costs are guaranteed upfront pricing.

From your perspective, we realise that there’s nothing worse than getting a larger than expected bill in your mail after the work has been completed. That NEVER happens with Whywait Plumbing because you are always in control of approving all work before we will begin the work. You’ll always know what it costs before we start the job. This means we do nothing without your prior approval.

At Whywait Plumbing we price everything we do in advanceno ifs, no buts it’s our guaranteed policy. We are the only Gold Coast Plumbers to:

  • Use a menu or flat rate system which is a quantity surveying system that ensures we can give you an upfront price which guarantees you’ll always know the price before we start the job
  • No other plumbing companies can match our system because it’s honest and clear cut so you completely understand the extent of the job and the cost before we start


When you phone Whywait Plumbing, our friendly customer service team member will:

  • Firstly listen to your request for service and the problems you are facing
  • Explain that we charge an initial upfront diagnostic evaluation fee and what that fee is
  • Once you are happy to accept our diagnostic pricing, we’ll book your service call for a day and time that suits you, to have a professional plumber visit your home or business to diagnose the problem thoroughly
  • Call you on your home, business or mobile phone to let you know when the plumber is on his way to your job


When Whywait Plumbing’s professional plumber arrives at your home he will:

  • Firstly listen to the problems you are experiencing and get you to show him what you the location and what your observations are
  • Undertake a thorough diagnosis and evaluation of the problems you have been experiencing
  • Present in writing fully costed solutions and options and discuss the options with you, so you know upfront what the cost of the work is that you are having undertaken before we begin the work
  • Once you have approved in writing the work options, you wish us to proceed with we will start the work
  • As the majority of plumbing, drainage and gas services are hidden underground or in walls, there is always the possibility that previously unforeseen problems will appear. If this occurs, we will immediately cease work and present you with the revised options that are fully costed and must be approved by you before we continue.
  • Once the work is completed, we will clean up the area we have been working in before we leave and dispose of all rubbish off site so that the only reminder of our being there is a job completed
  • Finally, we will give you the completed tax invoice that you have pre-approved to pay by credit card, cash or cheque.


Current Whywait Plumbing initial diagnostic evaluation fee structure:

  • Standard Diagnostic Fee: Allows for attending to job site during regular working hours between 7 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday, diagnosing of work required and presenting requirements to client – $66.00 or Service Partner $59.40 inclusive of GST

  • After Hours Diagnostic Service Fee: Allows for attending to job site after regular working hours between 4 pm and 7 am Monday to Friday plus all day Saturday and Sunday, diagnosing of work required and presenting requirements to client –$165.00 or Service Partner $59.40 inclusive of GST

  • Public Holiday Diagnostic Service Fee: Allows for attending to job site on a designated statutory public holiday, diagnosing of work required and presenting requirements to client –$297.00 or Service Partner $59.40 inclusive of GST


In Summary:

  1. You approve the work to be done and the cost before we start

  2. The price is locked in for the task agreed

  3. You are always in control of the price

  4. Extra tasks can only be done with your approval


Our Guaranteed Upfront Pricing is just part of what makes us different.  Give us a call on (07) 5580 4311, and you’ll see that it’s a difference for the better……