Grease Trap Relining Without Disrupting Your Business Operations

Grease trap relining has been a huge leap forward in maintaining leaking and non-operational grease traps. Traditionally grease traps had to be replaced at a horrendous cost plus business operations had to close. With grease trap relining we can rehabilitate your businesses grease trap without significant disruption to your business operations or any loss of cash flow.

Whywait Plumbing Services are specialists in grease trap relining and rehabilitation. After all, we have been your local professional commercial maintenance plumber on the Gold Coast, specialising in maintaining grease traps for 40 years, since 1976. We have been voted as one of the Best Plumbers on the Gold Coast in 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2015.

It’s a fact that the majority of grease traps installed in shopping centres, restaurants and commercial buildings are manufactured from concrete. They have an estimated operating life of 10 years. This is dependent on the operational environment and the level of maintenance undertaken over the span of its life.

As a concrete grease trap age, they begin to deteriorate in two main areas. The original concrete baffles corrode and frequently fall apart plus the surface starts to corrode and become severely pitted, requiring it be replaced. (see Gold Coast City Council Regulations on Trade Waste).
Grease traps operate in a harsh environment of decaying biomass generated from liquid waste produced by food solids, food grease, food fats, cooking oil and general grease.

Replacement is not only extremely expensive it was also extremely disruptive to the everyday operation of businesses such as restaurants, bakeries and fast food shops.

This has changed with the advent of grease trap relining technology that allows the trained technicians at Whywait Plumbing to completely rehabilitate your existing trap while business continues to function and operate as normal with minimal disruption.

Relining eliminates all of the problems associated with excavation in and around an existing building with all work undertaken by fully trained Whywait Plumbing technicians. Rehabilitation of a grease trap can range from minor concrete repairs or baffle replacement right through to complete relining for a fraction of the cost of a full replacement.


Procedures adhered to by Whywait Plumbing on all grease trap relining projects are:

1. An early morning start with a trade waste vacuum pump truck to remove all liquids and fats to ensure odour emissions do not disrupt business operations. This is followed by removal of the baffles and installation of a temporary by-pass drain to allow access into the trap for high-pressure water cleaning of the walls and base at the same time as the vacuum truck sucks up all the debris and foul water.

2. Application of an epoxy resin primer to walls and base to ensure that the repair mortar bonds to the existing concrete.

3. Application of a high strength, abrasive resistant repair mortar to fill the holes and pitting in the walls and base of the trap.

4. Application of the epoxy coating system to the walls and base ensuring that the grease trap is fully coated with an epoxy that is chemical resistant and abrasive resistant that rehabilitates to provide complete protection of the concrete.

5. Removal of the bypass drainage system and install new long life plastic baffles.

6. Rehabilitate the gas-tight grease trap lids by grinding clean all of the steel and painting with an anti-rust paint followed by application of a waterproof lithium grease to allow for a gas-tight seal of the lids and also for the easy removal of the lids to allow for the scheduled pump out and re-cleaning.

For more information contact Whywait Plumbing today.  We are your grease trap relining and rehabilitation specialists, and can answer all your questions to help you make the right decision and that goes for all your plumbing needs!

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