Wondering why your water bill is so high? With the Gold Coast City Council recently posting out the quarterly Water and Sewerage Rate Notices we have noticed a spike in the number of calls for leakin [...]

With the start of a new financial year we have the inevitable price rises, the cost of water being one of them. Whilst it isn’t a large rise it still impacts the family budget, so now is a good time [...]

With owning and operating a 24/7 plumbing company answering after hours calls about a plumbing emergency is something we are used to. In the many plumbing emergency calls we have taken over the years [...]

Gold Coast council water rates are about to increase again. For both homeowners and business owners, this could be a double whammy when you couple this with the increases in power bills in recent year [...]

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Plumbing innovations have always been the norm in the plumbing industry. Innovation is change and is always about better ways of doing the same thing. When I started my apprenticeship the clearing of [...]

If Replacing Your Hot Water Service - How Will You Know What's Right For You? When replacing your hot water service the most common question asked is what will it cost? In fact, online the most searc [...]

ZeroFlush waterless urinals are an increasingly widespread investment being made by architects, hydraulic engineers, facilities managers and building owners throughout Australia because they help cons [...]

If you are reading this because you have no hot water and wondering if having no hot water is a plumbing emergency, read on. Generally speaking if you have time to look a problem up on a website it [...]

Gas Fitter or plumber? There is a difference. Here at Whywait Plumbing we are often asked if we do gas fitting? While some plumbers offer gas fitting services, individuals qualified solely as gasfit [...]