Articles, useful tips and industry updates by Whywait Plumbing Services owner and Master Plumber Gary Mays

How long does a bathroom renovation take?

Television renovation shows are not reality when it comes to a bathroom renovation. Sadly that's the benchmark too many people use when they call us to discuss a bathroom renovation. We always know when a client phones and asks "how long does a bathroom...

Its 99.9% certain that Plumbers don’t have Supermans X-ray Vision

X-ray Vision Would Be a Plumbers Dream Come True Anyone who knows me is aware I frequently state that when we get a plumbers licence, we didn't also get given a pair of Superman's glasses with X-ray vision. Plumbing infrastructure is 90% concealed in...

Does Your Insurance Cover All Water Leaks?

Here at Whywait Plumbing, we frequently get a phone call asking does insurance cover water leaks? Every week we are called upon to deal with insurance companies or assessors on behalf of clients when they have sustained water damage to their home. With water leaks...


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