Summer storm readiness audit checks on your home are common sense. Here at Whywait Plumbing we understand many of our clients are time poor or don't have the knowledge or equipment to check their home [...]

Whywait Plumbing has, since 2004, been the service agent for ZeroFlush waterless urinals throughout Australia. Prior to that we had, and continue to have extensive experience with installing and maint [...]

Tree roots in a stormwater drain causing localised flooding is an issue confronted by many homeowners particularly during our summer storms. So imagine the issues faced when the tallest commercial of [...]

A combination of disposable wipes, paper towels and toilet paper blocking a drain because they were unable to break down in water. Plumbing urban myths abound these days with social media and media s [...]

Gurgling drains should never be ignored as they are your early warning that you are potentially about to experience blocked sewer drains.Generally the sounds of gurgling drains will be coming from [...]

Plumbing myths are money spinners for us at Whywait Plumbing. But we wish they weren't and you called us for advice first. So often many of our service calls to blocked drains, broken water main pipe [...]

Plumbing guarantees are a source of constant confusion. A guarantee of the fixtures and fittings installed is always carried by the manufacturer not the plumber who installed them. Ultimately all a pl [...]

Gold Coast plumbing services available over Christmas holidays are provided by Whywait Plumbing for Gold Coast home owners and businesses. Whywait for 38 years has provided full plumbing, drainage an [...]

Fire is a likely consequence of DIY electrical or gas fitting. Voiding insurance coverage is the risk you take every time you decide you can undertake your own plumbing, gas fitting or electrical rep [...]

Christmas plumbing emergencies occur every year and with Christmas rapidly approaching it means many people will be spending more time in the kitchen, as well as hosting family and guests in their hom [...]