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Showers, Vanities, Sinks, Toilets and Laundry Tubs are all part of a domestic houses drainage system.
Together, with all the pipes under the floor, make up the internal drainage.

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Blocked Showers, Vanities and Laundry Sinks
Generally used for personal hygiene needs, blockages to these fixtures is not only inconvenient but also present possible health risks to the householder. Blocked showers and bathroom sinks are frequently caused by:

A build-up of hair combined with solidified soap and body fats.
Foreign objects such as cotton buds, toothbrushes or the likes lodged in pipework causing an obstruction.
Inadequate fall on pipework or tile grout decreasing the diameter of the pipe.
Blocked Kitchen Sink
Generally always a local blockage clearing of a blocked sink drain can be messy and in most instances has built up over a period of time. Throwing caustic chemical solutions down the drain is not only expensive but seldom provides a permanent solution. Blocked kitchen sinks are commonly caused by:

  • Food scraps or vegetable peelings going down the sink and lodging in the S bend.
  • Pouring oil or grease down the sink which solidifies in the pipes.
  • A waste disposal unit blades no longer chopping up food scraps.

Blocked Toilets
No matter what the cause, a blocked toilet is a health hazard that needs rectifying quickly. It can be as simple as a blockage to the toilet pan which is generally caused by:

  • Obstruction as a result of foreign objects such as toys or toilet deodorisers dropping into the toilet pan and jamming in the trap.
  • Use of too much toilet paper causing the pan to clog up.
  • Faulty toilet cistern not delivering enough water when flushed.

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