Blocked Drains Cleared With Fast With The Latest Drain Camera Technology

Not everyone calls a plumber every time a drainage line starts to back up but sooner or later home or self- remedies won’t do the job and you’ll need the services of a professional plumber.

Blocked drains are often the result of tree roots searching for water. They enter the drains through hairline cracks in the joints or damage to pipes or fittings. Once tree roots enter a sewer drain it is party time as the drain has everything to make for a happy tree, water at regular intervals and plenty of nutrients.
As the roots work their way through the pipes they become a trap for debris and slowly over a period of time the blockage builds up until the drain is completely blocked.


Early Warning Signs to Look For

Ignoring the early warning signs of an impending blockage can not only be disastrous but also expensive. Here’s what to look for

  • Slow draining bath, basins, showers or sink
  • Gurgling sounds from toilets or floor wastes
  • Overflow from outside grates when plumbing is being used elsewhere in the house….. running your washing machine, draining your bath, and more.


How to Prevent Drain Blockages or Cracking in the First Place

The best strategy of all is to maintain your drains with periodic inspections. What’s more, preventing blockages before they happen is easy when you follow a few simple steps:

Whywait Plumbing offer a complete range of services from clearing your blocked toilet, shower, kitchen sinks or smelly drains to explaining how and why your drain blocked in the first place and most importantly how to prevent future problems from occurring.

  • Avoid planting trees and shrubs with extensive root systems.
  • Avoid driving vehicles or machinery over the top of drains.
  • Obtain a council drainage plan before undertaking any excavation
  • Avoid pouring fat or grease down your drain
  • Avoid washing sand or other debris down your drains


Our Promise to You is We Will Find the Cause and Offer the Solution