Blocked Drain Warning Signs

Warning Signs You Have a Blocked Drain

The average person doesn’t give a second thought to what happens to the wastewater from their house so when your drains stop working it comes as a nasty surprise.
Backed up or overflowing drains are not only inconvenient but can also pose a serious health risk.

Whilst some blockages can occur suddenly, the majority of blocked drains happen over a period of time, in which case there will be some early warning signs for you to look out for.

Common Causes of Blocked Drains

Pipes become misaligned or completely collapse from external forces such as pressure from large tree roots or ground movement due to drought or heavy rain.
Toilet cisterns not working properly and not flushing enough water through the system.
Poor installation with insufficient gradient or flat spots in the pipework which leads to debris build-up and blockages.
Installation of too many bends and certain types of junctions which can cause the same issues as insufficient gradient.
Objects flushed down the toilet that the system is not designed to cope with, such as toilet deodorant holders, sanitary products, disposable nappies and baby wipes.

By far the most common cause of blockages in underground sewer and stormwater pipes is tree roots, which enter the pipe through cracks in the joints or breaks in the pipe wall.

Early Warning Signs to Look Out For and Act On Before the Drain Blocks

Internal plumbing fixtures filling with water to a level above normal and then slowly drain away.
The water seal to a toilet or trap in a fixture is low or completely gone (urgent attention required as drain could block anytime).
Gurgling noises from plumbing fixtures or traps, most commonly the toilet and usually when other plumbing is in use.
Sewer smells permeating the room usually from a floor waste.

And When the Worst Happens I Can Expect

The water levels in the internal plumbing fixtures to rise above normal and not drain away.
Water and possibly effluent to overflow from the overflow relief gully outside or in some instance from the floor waste inside.

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