• Do You Know How Much Water You Use?

  • Do You Know Where You Use It?

  • Do You Know If You Have A Leak?

  • Do You Know The Answer Is 24 Hour Water Monitoring?

Water monitoring is a specialised service we offer as your local, reliable and professional Gold Coast Plumber for 40 years, since 1976. We know how critical it is for all commercial properties to manage your water supply, with water costing as much as $8.35 per kilolitre depending on your sewerage volume charge.

24 hour water monitoring with bayzone watertracker 24 hour real time water monitoring by Whywait Plumbing

If you answered NO to the above questions then you are probably unaware that 24-hour, water monitoring in real time is available to you.

We guarantee you will answer YES once we install Bayzone® WaterTracker data loggers to your water meters providing you with 24-hour water monitoring.


water monitoring chart
A constant daily consumption pattern is established that enables abnormal water use to be quickly pinpointed in a 24 hour McDonalds Restaurant












Bayzone® WaterTracker data loggers provide us real time data about your water usage 24/7/365 enabling us to establish your water usage patterns plus carefully monitor and manage all of your water use from the main water meter and throughout your entire property.

Our real time access to your water usage data through our cloud based, the secure website gives us a simple water management solution providing accurate usage data for real time analysis, historical analysis and sustainability reporting. Having access to so much data enables us to understand how your water consumption is utilised and resolve any problems as soon as we identify abnormal water usage.

Key Features of WaterTracker

Once WaterTracker has been installed you will have the following key performance indicators which will reduce operating costs and improve efficiency:

  • immediate notification of abnormal water use via SMS and/or email alerts
  • immediate identification of water leaks
  • water usage displayed in real time 5-minute intervals
  • multi site water usage comparison data
  • interconnected water usage data throughout the property allowing you to track where your water is used internally
  • usage diagnostics allowing identification of water reduction opportunities
  • constant base flow analysis and flow rate data
  • easy to read dashboard giving a quick analysis of usage and KPI trends
  • a rich assortment of 11 graphing tools including 3D visualisation, 2D line & column charting all with zoom and pan features
24 hour water monitoring tracker gold coast
Total water usage across the day by tracking usage in multiple locations internally in a 24 hour Gold Coast, McDonalds Restaurant











Installation of Bayzone® Water Tracker data loggers is a proactive tool to address water leakage and abnormal water consumption now rather than when your water bill arrives every 3 months.

Here at Whywait Plumbing, we know from experience that 24-hour water monitoring of water usage will lead to an increased awareness of water use resulting in behaviour change to how water is used. The online real time data that WaterTracker provides is designed to simplify your building management, creating water and associated energy savings delivering sustainable business practices that save you money.


To take control of your water usage contact Gary Mays on (07) 5580 4311 for an onsite analysis of your requirements