Roof Ventilation Fan Stops You Feeling Summer Heat Extremes

Roof ventilation fan installations stop you feeling summer heat extremes roof vent gold coastin your home. This is an absolute guarantee by Whywait Plumbing when we install a SolarArk solar powered roof ventilation fan system in your home.

In fact, in the middle of summer on the Gold Coast, it can reduce the temperature in your roof space which is the area between your roof and ceiling, by 30°C which translates to a reduction in room temperature inside your home of up to 6°C. Imagine the difference this makes to the efficiency, performance and electricity costs of your air conditioning systems.

The installation of one or more SolarArk roof ventilation systems continuously exchanges the hot roof space air to suppress ongoing heat buildup during the day. During the summer months especially but even year-round your roof attracts the sun’s heat transferring that heat through your roof and super heating the air in the roof space. This then transfers into heating up the inside of your home and increasing the temperature in your living areas.


Heat Buildup Side Effects

There are two side effects many of us are unaware caused by the heat buildup and lack of ventilation in your roof space and they are:

  • Damage caused to your timber roof trusses and ceiling by the lack of ventilation in the roof space. This lack of ventilation or heat exchange results in high humidity levels which then creates condensation or moisture which settles onto the ceiling and timber trusses creating the possibility of damage over time.
  • Health issues created through mould spores breeding in the roof space due to the condensation which can affect the air quality inside your home and the overall health of you and your family.


The installation of a SolarArk ventilation system reduces the condensation build-up dramatically in the roof space which reduces significantly the possibility of structural damage to your home and or health issues created by mould spores.


SolarArk Roof Ventilation Systems

A SolarArk ventilation system is not an old-fashioned noisy whirlybird system which only works to a limited degree when it is windy and usually is ineffectual for much of the time. In fact, a whirlybird is often most noisy at night when it is windy.

Instead, SolarArk is entirely solar powered with an inbuilt photovoltaic polysilicon power system which powers a whisper quiet brushless DC motor at 1000rpm which in turn operates a highly quiet polycarbonate fan that will remove up to an incredible 52.5 cubic meters of air from the roof space every minute.

Even in winter the SolarArk ventilation system will continue to move the air and ventilate your roof space but will automatically stop operating when the air temperature drops below 24°C which ensures you preserve the beneficial effects of the roof space heat to keep your house warm.


Our Roof Ventilation Guarantee

Whywait Plumbing and SolarArk have the guaranteed year-round solution that reduces electricity bills, suppresses heat build-up and reduces condensation buildup and best of all costs nothing to run.

Call us now for a Gold Coast roof vent fan installation, we’re available 24/7 on (07) 5580 4311.