SolarArk Solar Hot Water Systems – Hotter, Faster, Turbo Efficiency With An Extra Long Warranty

solar ark hot water system

SolarArk Solar Hot Water Systems are the only solar hot water system recommended by Whywait Plumbing.

SolarArk is an Australian manufacturer who is a recognised leader in high performance solar evacuated tube hot water technology.

This technology can be utilised in every possible application. This means Whywait Plumbing can install SolarArk solar hot water systems on all residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Very simply SolarArk evacuated tubes consists of:

  • Two glass tubes that are fused at the top and bottom. This space between the two tubes is evacuated to form a vacuum that locks in the heat as the suns heat passes through the outer layer of glass allowing light to pass through the vacuum but no heat.
  • A copper heat pipe running through the centre of the evacuated tube connects with a common manifold connecting up to 30 evacuated tubes together.
  • that is then connected to an energy efficient circulation pump that pumps the heated water to a storage tank on the ground.


SolarArk Solar Hot Water Systems Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems Have These Advantages:

  • Can significantly reduce your energy costs for heating hot water which can be as high as 38% of an electricity bill in winter.
  • STC federal government rebates that can reduce your installation costs by an average of $1200 depending on the size of your system.
  • The constant profile of the round tube means that the evacuated tube solar collector is always perpendicular to the sun’s rays which means solar energy is constantly absorbed over the course of a day.
  • Greater absorption of the sun’s rays even on overcast days and in winter, which means a lesser dependency on your back-up hot water heating system such as electricity or gas.

  • SolarArk evacuated tubes also reduce heat loss, which means they can reach higher temperatures as high as 280ºC compared to 180ºC for most flat-panel collectors.collectors, heating your water faster and more efficiently with a minimal loss of heat.
  • SolarArk evacuated tubes are modular in design and parallel in formation.  As a result, the number of tubes manifolded together can be increased or decreased at will from 20-30 tubes depending on your energy needs.
  • SolarArk tubes require less roof space than solar panels for greater home aesthetics plus are not restricted to north facing roofs.
  • SolarArk tubes are strong and resilient, but should one break, they’re easy and inexpensive to replace.
  • SolarArk currently provides the longest manufacturers warranty in the Australian market of 15 years.  That’s your assurance of high quality and continuous performance for your family’s enhanced hot water comfort.

If you have any questions about SolarArk solar hot water systems not covered above, contact our friendly team – they’ll be happy to help you.

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SolarArk solar hot water systems are supplied, installed, maintained and if need be repaired by Whywait Plumbing because we know they provide you with the ultimate in energy savings on solar hot water.


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