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Rheem Hot Water Systems

Rheem Hot Water Systems Repaired or Installed Same Day


Rheem hot water heaters supplied, installed and maintained by Whywait PlumbingRheem hot water systems have been manufactured in Australia since 1939. Whywait Plumbing has been Gold Coast Rheem hot water specialists since 1976.

There is not a day in the last 40 years that we have not worked on a Rheem hot water system. Repairing or installing a new replacement Rheem hot water system is what our experienced hot water specialists do every day.

We understand every aspect of a Rheem hot water system and we know how critical an efficient functioning Rheem Electric, Gas, Solar or Heat Pump hot water heater is to your family. As the jingle goes, “For the hottest of hot, hot water you’ve ever seen … Install a Rheem, Install a Rheem Install a Rheem!”

Rheem Hot Water Repairs

Hot water repairs on Rheem systems are treated as the same day priority service. We know that you don’t want to suffer cold showers while hanging around waiting for repairs.

Our specialist Rheem plumbing technicians will arrive as scheduled, fully equipped to repair your Rheem hot water system. All of our Rheem repairs are all inclusive of any Rheem electric storage hot Rheem hot water service maintenancewater systems, Rheem gas storage hot water systems, Rheem continuous flow gas hot water systems, Rheem heat pump hot water systems and Rheem solar hot water systems.

Our Rheem hot water repair services we undertake include:

Leaking Rheem hot water systems

  • leaking hot water system from an electric or gas storage tank
  • water leaking from valves on all Rheem systems
  • Rheem solar panels leaking

Temperature issues on Rheem hot water systems

  • no hot water at all, with water being delivered completely cold
  • fluctuating hot water temperature delivery from the tap
  • hot water running out after a few minutes in the shower
  • Rheem heat pump hot water systems producing no or inadequate hot water

Other Rheem hot water system issues:

  • pilot light not reigniting on a Rheem gas storage water heater
  • solar pump not circulating hot water on a Rheem solar hot water system
  • blown fuses or circuit breakers on Rheem electric hot water systems
  • no gas flow to a Rheem gas hot water system
  • rusty or milky coloured water from hot taps

We will always give you an upfront guaranteed price before we repair your Rheem hot water system.

Replacement Rheem Hot Water System Installations

The experienced Whywait Plumbing Rheem plumbing technicians will assist you in choosing the right replacement Rheem system Rheem hot water system replacementfor your home. With such a wide range of models and sizes, we make replacing your hot water system easy with expert advice and the knowledge to answer all your questions.

  • Rheem Stellar Electric Stainless Steel  storage tanks available as 50L, 80L, 125L, 160L, 250L, 315L capacity with 10 tank warranty
  • Rheem 491/492 Series Electric storage tanks available as 250L, 315L, 400L capacity with 10-year tank warranty
  • Rheem 191/192 Series Electric storage tanks available as 25L, 45L, 50L, 80L, 125L, 160L with 7-year tank warranty
  • RheemPlus Electric storage tank available as 125L, 160L, 250L with 7-year tank warranty
  • Rheem Stellar Gas storage tank available with 330L or 360L first hour capacity and 200L per hour recovery with 10-year tank warranty
  • Rheem 5 Star Gas storage tank available with 275L or 305L first hour capacity and 145L per hour recovery with 7-year tank warranty
  • Rheem 4 Star Gas storage tank available with 190L, 248L or 283L first-hour capacity and 100L per hour recovery with 7-year tank warranty
  • Rheem Continuous Flow Gas water heaters for never ending 6 Star rated gas hot water available 12L/M, 20L/M, 24L/M,27L/M with 10-year heat exchange warranty
  • Rheem Heat Pump hot water heaters available with 310L, 410L capacity with 5-year tank warranty
  • Rheem Hiline (Roof Tank) and Loline (Ground Tank) Solar hot water systems with 300L storage tank and comes with 5-year warranty or tank and collector panels

We will always give you an upfront guaranteed price before we install your new Rheem hot water system.

For same day Rheem hot water installation or for Rheem hot water repairs, you rely on our expertise and professionalism so call now (07) 5580 4311