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Hot Water Service Maintenance

Does Your Hot Water Heater Need Hot Water Service Maintenance?


Hot water service maintenance is what you need if your hot water has stopped working, is rusty, smells funny or making strange noises, and these are all signs there is a problem. The good news? Your Hot Water System may simply need a service!

hot water service maintenance Whywait PlumbingHot water service maintenance is specialist plumbing service undertaken by Whywait Plumbing Technicians who are multi-licensed in plumbing, gas and electrical.

Whywait Plumbing Services have been experts in hot water service maintenance as your local, reliable and professional Gold Coast Plumber for 40 years, since 1976.

We all know that maintaining our homes infrastructure is critical to performance. In the case of your hot water system, regular preventative hot water service maintenance is a must. Let’s face it all of us would agree waking up to a cold shower in the middle of winter is not on most people’s to-do list. An efficient well maintained hot water service is essential to reducing energy costs and guaranteeing a constant supply of hot water.

Around 27% of the electricity used in the average Queensland household is for heating water, making the hot water service one of the highest single energy users in the home. The average lifespan of a hot water storage tank is 7 to 10 years so just like the servicing of a car it makes sense to keep your hot water storage tank well maintained.

With hot water systems, we emphasise that regular Servicing and Maintenance of your entire hot water system is the key to not only a constant supply of hot water but in prolonging the longevity of your hot water system.

The cost of heating water ranks second in dollar spend to air-conditioning for household electricity costs in Queensland. An efficient well maintained hot water service is essential to reducing energy costs. Remember dripping valves not only cost you for water but also for electricity to heat the water that is being wasted.

To assist you in knowing what the working parts are on your hot water system we have listed all of the parts below with essential information concerning location, servicing frequency and simple DIY maintenance instructions.

Pressure Relief Valve
Cold Water Expansion Valve
Tempering Valve
Pressure Limiting Valve
Isolation Non Return Valve
Sacrificial Anode

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