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John Hopkins University in a recent update on avoiding cancer advocates that you are better off drinking water that is filtered to avoid known toxins and heavy metals in tap water. They further recommend to avoid distilled water as it is acidic and not to drink water frozen in a plastic bottle. Cartridge water filters aren’t enough to clean the water we shower in, let alone the water we drink.

Pure Water in Our Everyday Lives

The human body is more than 70% water which controls almost every part of our health and well being.  The water we drink as well as the water that we shower in is highly important to our bodies capability to function well. Hence extreme care must be taken when cook with water, preparing juices or tea and coffee and of course Formula for Babies.  Water is the foundation of the human body. If the foundation is poor, it’s strength and life span will be shorter.

Bottled Water is Actually a Problem Because Believe it or Not Approximately 40% of bottled water is plain water from the tap!

$500 million every year is spent by us Aussies buying bottled water. Potable drinking water from the Gold Coast City Council costs $3.83 a kilolitre. That means our bottled drinking water is 1070 times more expensive than the water Gold Coast City Council pipes deliver directly to your home. Australian bottled water costs around $3500 a kilolitre and Italian bottled water around $9600 a kilolitre to buy in Australia.

Bottled Water

It’s hard to believe that bottled water is more expensive than the petrol we buy for our cars!  In fact bottled water is costing the planet 314,000 barrels of oil a year.  Incredibly the cost to package, ship, refrigerate this water sends the cost of it through the roof.

The Queensland Government requires Gold Coast City Council to perform rigorous testing of water for contaminants however the requirements for private bottlers are significantly different and less strenuous.  Gold Coast City Council is required to test for contaminants up to several times a day. Private bottlers test weekly, yearly or every four years – depending on the contaminant!

Testing for Contaminants on over a hundred different bottled waters has turned up chemicals such as arsenic, carcinogenic compounds, fluoride (a dangerous bone poison), toxic metal antimony, disinfection by-products like THM’s, and pharmaceutical drugs.

The chemicals that leach out of the plastic packaging of bottled water is also highly toxic and our rubbish landfills are overflowing with plastic bottles which aren’t biodegradable. Only  35% of these plastic bottles are being recycled and 55% go into landfill. For our own health, and the health of planet Earth, we now need to reduce and eliminate the use of plastic water bottles.

At Whywait, we install, maintain and repair all types and models of water filtration systems.  Whole-house or single-source, you can trust Whywait to provide the right solution for you and your family.

Looking to purify your water supply?  Then look to the pros…Whywait Plumbing.

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