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Water Filters

If You KNEW the Dangers That Lurk in Your Water You’d Already Have A Whole of House Water Filter Installed in Your Home!


At Whywait Plumbing we supply, install, maintain and repair all types and models of water filtration systems whether they are whole-house filters or single-source filters.

Child drinking water from a glass with whole of house water flitration installed by Whywait PlumbingOnce you understand you are drinking chlorinated water and other chemicals in your water you will understand why we recommend and install whole of house water filtration for your home or business.

Bottom line, whole of house water filtration systems produces chemical-free water for you to drink and shower in…and it doesn’t get any better than that.

Once you understand what is in your water, we can help you determine the best solution for your home and family.

Below are a few common concerns that you need to ask about your homes water:

  • Do you like the way your water tastes?
  • Do you just accept the way your water tastes?
  • Do you like that chemical smell coming from the water when you shower?

The water connected to your home from Gold Coast Water or Logan Water means we are fortunate to have potable running drinking water that is free of bacteria and virus. But the chemicals used to make that happen and their by products are less than desirable for drinking, showering or bathing in.

To ensure total protection filtering your water supply at the point of entry to your home is the only guarantee you have to ensure the water you are drinking in and bathing in has harmful chemicals removed.

For a whole of house system to work effectively it needs to contain the proper type of carbon based on your water’s content. Additionally it needs to be properly sized for the home it is installed in.

On a properly selected and sized system, you should expect a minimum of five years and likely longer, before the carbon media needs to be replaced while the filter ensures you only ever experience:

  • clean and chemical free water,
  • odour free water,
  • delicious tasting water.

Whole of house water filters guarantee a constant supply of delicious water throughout the whole house because they are:

  • easily connected to your existing water-main piping,
  • convenient and easily maintained,
  • a cost efficient way to effectively remove or reduce many of the undesirable chemicals,
  • eliminates disinfectant by-products and volatile organic compounds commonly found in your water supply,
  • designed for household use for the whole house
  • effectively removes chloramines and chlorine tastes and odour reduction.

Benefits of the Whole of House Filtration System:

  • Reduction or removal of chlorine, chloramines and associated disinfectant by-products
  • Shower Head In Bathroom With Water Drops Flowing installed by Whywait PlumbingClean, filtered water from every tap
  • Better tasting coffee, tea and other water based drinks
  • Reduced environmental impact due to bottle waste associated with plastic bottles and the production process
  • Better tasting and smelling water makes drinking water more attractive and that’s good for you
  • Your home’s pipes will be protected against chloramine’s corrosive effects
  • Cash savings based on the reduction in purchasing bottled water
  • Removes bad taste and odour by removing chlorine, chloramines, carbon based organic compounds (VOC’s) such as pesticides, herbicides and industrial solvents that are in your tap water
  • Enhances the flavour of food
  • Healthier skin by eliminating chlorine from your baths and showers
  • Reduce water problems and unsightly stains throughout your home by using a premium carbon filter
  • Extended life of your plumbing fixtures, taps and pipes by eliminating chloramine’s corrosive effects

Good for You, Good for Your Family, Good for the Environment.

Whole of house water filtration is your drinking water solution from Whywait Plumbing Services – For That Added Measure of Quality and Peace of Mind

Looking to purify your water supply? Then look to the professionals…Whywait Plumbing.

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