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Pool & Water Feature Relining

If Your Pool Pipes Need a New Lining, and you Want to Avoid Excavation and Excessive Costs, Then You’re Going to Love This Simple Solution!

PDU pool pipe lining system enables Whywait Plumbing to repair the pipes to pools
and water features without excavation and in most cases the pool does not require to be drained.

PDU is an innovative, patented technology which allows Whywait Plumbing technicians to perform an underground pipe repair in a fraction of the time it takes to excavate, replace the damaged pipe and then reinstate the excavation and landscaping. With PDU pool pipe lining you can save thousands of dollars in machinery costs and labour with the added advantage of no disruption to the swimming pool environment surroundings.
helix pipeThe annealed external polypropylene helix prevents liner collapse, increases integrity and minimises resistance. PDU pool pipe liners can line  40mm and 50mm pipes and negotiate multiple bends.

Specific Applications
  • residential swimming poolsFountain relining
  • commercial swimming pools
  • residential spa pools
  • commercial spa pools
  • decorative water features
  • fountains and waterfalls

Call today and see how Whywait’s PDU pool pipe lining system can save you money and ensure the integrity of the pool piping.

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