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Pipe Relining

Don’t Risk Pipe Erosion and Early Wear! Whywait offers Pipe Relining Services…


Reline Your Portable Pipes With an Internationally Certified Solution to Improve Water Flow, Reduce Costs, and Greenhouse Emissions!


Most water piping systems currently in use are copper based alloys, especially those in high rise buildings.  But copper piping is susceptible to corrosion and wear due to various environmental factors. The expected lifespan of copper piping is generally 15-25 years, though in reality you can’t count on much more than 10 depending upon local conditions.

In the meantime, building managers face increased maintenance costs to resolve such problems as corrosion, pin holes, insufficient flow and poor water quality.

Whywait offers two exclusive and internationally certified solutions for relining potable water pipes…and CURRENTLY we’re the only company able to do so throughout Australia and New Zealand.

pipe relining

Pipe Shield Relining

Pipe Shield Epoxy Coating — Our industry and worldwide leading epoxy coating solves pipe erosion and resulting water quality problems before and after they occur.  The end result is that by relining instead of repairing or replacing your existing pipes, you can expect your newly relined drinking water pipes to last 100 years and more…in many cases longer than the building itself.  And we have the tests to prove it.  Our epoxy coating process is designed for pipes from 12mm to 100mm in diameter.

Pipe Shield Neofit Liner – Neofit is a different kind of relining material (a safe plastic polymer) that is expanded in place and forms a close fit inside any kind of existing water pipe.  It’s designed for pipes with internal diameters from 10mm to 50mm  and forms a protective barrier that, like Pipe Shield epoxy, prevents any kind of corrosives or pollutants from coming in contact with your drinking water supply.

Our Pipe Shield and Neofit pipe relining processes have the following in common:

  • Non-invasive, with only a bare minimum of digging required
  • Fast cure times for a minimum of disruption and down-time
  • Can be mixed on site in any kind of weather conditions or outdoor temperatures
  • Prevent pin holing & further pipe erosion
  • Prevents cracks & leaks
  • Guards against water borne health hazards
  • Prevents damage to your building
  • Improved water flow, thus reducing electrical requirements for pumping systems.
  • Our pipe relining process generates other economic benefits, including: no wasted dollars spent on painting or plastering; no waste disposal otherwise essential to pipe repair or replacement; and, reduced down time for the sake of operations, tenants, patients, etc.
  • Greatly Reduced Greenhouse Emissions by not having to manufacture new piping and repair materials.
  • Little or No Debris to further add to landfill mass and related problems.

Call today and see how Whywait’s Pipe Shield products and pipe relining systems can save you money and ensure safe drinking water for now, and generations to come.

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