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Leaking Water Pipe

Do You Think You Have A Leaking Water Pipe But Cannot Find Where It’s Leaking?


Leaking water pipe issues are when you need to call Whywait’s experienced plumbers on (07) 5580 4311 now, as we know they can be difficult to locate. Unless you can physically and visually see the pipe with the water leaking from it then we can guarantee that it will be challenging.

leaking water pipe - leaking copper pipes in wall repaired by Whywait PlumbingThe reason a leaking water pipe is hard to see and even more difficult to locate is that a water pipe is almost always concealed. It will be either underground or in the floor or in the wall or in the ceiling.

Confused, puzzled, frustrated are all good descriptions of what you will experience with a suspected water pipe leak. That’s because water leaking to the surface in your concrete drive is seldom where the actual leaking pipe is located. Water will travel a long way taking the easiest route down a previously excavated trench before it comes bubbling to the surface.

Leaking Water Main

A leaking water pipe in the water main buried in the ground is the most common leak repaired by Whywait concealed leaking water pipe repaired by Whywait PlumbingPlumbing. The water main pipe is the pipe that is connected to the water meter that then runs around the property into your home or business premises.

The water main pipe is 99% of the time completely concealed underground. Often you don’t realise you have a leak until you receive a bill from Gold Coast Water or Logan Water telling you that you owe them thousands of dollars.

Very simply the property owner is responsible for all water pipes including all underground water main pipes after the council meter. As far as the law is concerned, it is your responsibility as the property owner to check if you have a leaking water pipe and to organise for a licensed plumber to carry out all repairs.

How To Find A Leaking Water Pipe

There are a number of signs that maybe already indicating a leaking water pipe inside your home or in your gardens and lawns that you can hear or visually see such as:

  • a green patch in the lawn that is luxurious green grass compared to the rest of your lawn
  • water always running into the street from your storm water pipe
  • wet areas in your lawn or garden that are never dry
  • a luxurious growth of plants in a single area of the garden
  • damp patches or mould growth always visible on a wall, ceiling or floor
  • water stains that never dry on woodwork or plaster areas
  • cracks in tile areas, concrete paths or on brick walls
  • warping and expansion of cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry
  • a constant musty or damp smell in a room
  • bubbling in the paint on the walls or ceiling
  • hissing sounds that are constant inside a room

How To Check For A Leaking Water Pipe

A simple DIY check of your home and outside lawn and garden areas every month can save you the heartache of a massive water bill and damage to your precious possessions by undertaking the following:

  • Check for visible leaks from the list above
  • Check if any family member has heard a hissing sound in any area of the house especially when using the toilet
  • Turn off all taps in the house including the dishwasher and washing machine but not the toilet cisterns and don’t flush the toilet for 1 hour
  • Check the water meter reading once every tap is off and write down the reading. If you are not sure how to do this read our instructions on How To Read Your Water Meter
  • After 1 hour check the water meter reading again because if the dials have moved then in all likelihood, you have a leaking water pipe

Whywait’s Water Leaking Pipe Repairs

Here at Whywait Plumbing we provide a professional approach to locating and repairing a leaking water pipe. We utilise the latest technologies to locate a concealed leaking water pipe accurately.

If you think your home or business premises have a leaking water pipe contact us now on (07) 5580 4311 and we guarantee a fast and efficient repair.