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Smelly Drains

Whywait Plumbing Can Eliminate Smelly Drains So You Can Say Goodbye to Foul Odours, Drain Flies & Inconvenience.

Whywait Plumbing Services have been your local professional Gold Coast Plumber specialising in eliminating smelly drains and drain flies for over 39 years. We have been voted as one of theĀ Best Plumbers on the Gold Coast in 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2015.

At Whywait we can guarantee to stop drain flies escaping plus stop smells and odours being emitted from floor waste drains in all domestic, medical and commercial floor waste drains.

The One-Way Drain Valve is a revolutionary design easily retrofitted to most 100mm, 80mm and 50mm floor waste drains. The One-Way Drain Valve is constructed to:

  • prevents bacteria buildup
  • prevents soap suds from escaping
  • prevents drain flies & cockroaches escaping into your bathroom
  • prevents foul odours and gases from escaping into your bathroom
  • maximises the flow of water through the floor waste drain

The One-Way Drain Valve prevents bacteria, odours and insects from exiting through the drain into the buildings bathrooms.

If the drain is required to operate as an overflow floor drain it will easily achieve flow rates exceeding 65 litres per minute should a pipe or tap burst.

The One-Way Drain Valve Eliminates Drain Flies Coming Up The Grate

Drain Fly

Existing grates in bathrooms and laundries allow insect infiltration through the drain and through the grate to escape into the bathroom.

The One-Way Drain Valve with its revolutionary design and its sealed cavity stops insects such as cockroaches, drain flies, sand-flies, fruit flies and midges escaping out of the drain.

For instant service to eliminate smelly drains and drain fly invasions in your home or building or any related problems, contact Whywait Plumbing Services today.

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