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Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains? We Clear Them Fast & Efficiently Because We Treat Every Sewer Blockage As Being A Priority


Blocked drains being cleared fast has been a speciality of Whywait Plumbing Services as your local, reliable and professional Gold Coast Plumber for over 40 years, since 1976.

Overflowing sewage on your property or in your home or business is no joking matter, and we guarantee DIY remedies won’t do the job. Blocked drains will never go away.

blocked drains - old fashioned plunger technology that Whywait Plumbing does not useTo solve the problem quickly and efficiently we guarantee you’ll need our latest jetrodding technology, not old fashioned plungers or electric eels.

Our state of the art drain technology ensures the blockage is taken care of, both swiftly and efficiently because overflowing sewerage is both a health and a safety hazard to your family.

When you call Whywait Plumbing, we come prepared to get the job done with a range of state of the art drain clearing, inspection and location equipment.

When we arrive to solve your blocked drains we guarantee we will:

  • inspect, assess and diagnose the blockage to ensure it is your problem and not a blockage in the council sewer system that’s affecting your drains
  • once we have established it’s your problem, we will give you a guaranteed upfront price for you to approve before we get started on clearing the drain
  • blocked drains cleared with Spartan Warrior pressure jetting unit by Whywait Plumbing

    Marshall Taylor safely clearing root infested blocked drains with our Spartan Warrior high-pressure jetter

    access your drainage system with our Spartan Warrior jetrodding unit utilising high-pressure water at a pressure of 27580 kPa (4000 PSI) that only uses 68 litres per minute to clear the blockages in your drain without damaging the pipes

  • when the drain begins to flow again, we will immediately access the drain to inspect it visually with our Spartan CCTV sewer camera so we can pinpoint the exact location and extent of the problem with your drain
  • using the beacon fitted in the sewer camera we will then accurately locate within your property exactly where the location is of any problems with broken pipes and root infiltration
  • a chemical free clean up of the area we have been working including removal of any sewerage overflow with disinfection of the entire area using our chemical free Aquatemp plant based enzyme cleaning solutions
  • finally, we will advise you of a fully costed permanent solution or preventative maintenance programme that needs to be undertaken to ensure you do not repeat the experience of blocked drains
blocked drains - Andrew Mays from Whywait Plumbing inspecting a drain with our Spartan CCTV sewer camera

Andrew Mays inspecting a drain with our Spartan CCTV sewer camera

We are confident in our ability to solve any overflowing or blocked sewer house drains or storm water drains because Whywait Plumbing’s plumbing technicians are well equipped and are thoroughly trained to follow the exact procedure as outlined above to solve your blocked drain problems.

Whywait Plumbing Services offer a complete range of blocked drains clearing services from:

  • clearing your blocked sewer or stormwater drains
  • clearing your blocked toilet
  • clearing your blocked shower, kitchen sinks. laundry tub, bath, vanity or floor waste trap
  • solving problems with smelly drains
  • explaining how and why your drain blocked in the first place and most importantly how to prevent future problems from occurring over and over again

Our Promise to You is We Will Find the Cause of Your Blocked Drains and Offer the Solution so Call NOW on (07) 5580 4311