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Not everyone calls a plumber every time a drain line starts to back up.  But sooner or later, home or self remedies won’t do the job and you’ll need the services of a professional plumber.

Blocked Drain

Drain Blocked by Tree roots

Blocked drains are a nuisance at best and potentially both a health hazard and an unnecessary water leak.

Blocked drains are often the result of tree roots searching for moisture.

The tree roots enter drains through hair line cracks in the joints or damage to the pipe or fittings. In times of summer heat and/or drought this situation may be exacerbated.

As the roots work their way through the pipes they begin to catch rubbish and debris that is graphically illustrated on the photo above where a cracked PVC bend under a toilet pan has allowed roots to enter the system. In this situation the blockage builds up over time, slowly getting worse.

The blockage rarely if ever fixes itself. Unfortunately, however, blocked drains are often more than just the blockage.  Obviously if a tree root has broken through the pipe the pipe is now damaged and will likely need replacing.  Water leaks out through the break and the moisture attracts more tree roots, these roots also breaking through and forming new blockages.

Andrew with Drain Snake

Andrew with Drain Snake

We offer a complete range of services to clear your blocked Toilets, Kitchen Sinks, Smelly Drains and explain to you how and why your drain got blocked in the first place, and how to prevent future problems from occurring.

Ignoring the early warning signals of a blocked drain event (before it occurs) can be disastrous.  Here’s what to look for:

  • Gurgling drains from the toilet or floor wastes;
  • Overflow from the outside grate when the plumbing is being used…running your washing machine, draining your bath, and more;
  • Showers, bath, basin or sink being slow to drain.

Clearing your blocked drains are a nuisance all on their own.  But they can actually be dangerous should flooding occur during a heavy storm.Which means the to time clear a blocked drain is now, especially if and when you observe any of the following symptoms:

  • Guttering overflowing through overflow holes during rain events;
  • Water leaking out of downpipes at ground level;
  • Pits & channels being slow to drain.

Most drains are blocked by tree roots entering the drain through broken pipes.  Tree roots will not break a modern PVC drain but enter the drain through a break in the pipe caused by poor installation or ground movement.  Once tree roots enter a sewer drain it is “party time” as the drain has everything to make a tree happy:  water at regular intervals and plenty of nutrients.

As a result, tree roots grow quickly within a drain.  Clearing roots from a drain with an electric eel is no different than mowing your lawns or pruning your trees…they just grow back thicker and block the drain all over again. That, in turn, can lead to a complete drain collapse.

At Whywait we guarantee professional drain clearing to fix it right the first time.  We call it the Whywait difference:

  • We clear and clean the drainage line with our high pressure water jetrodding unit;
  • We inspect the drain with our CCTV drain camera to locate the reason for the blockage;
  • We pinpoint with our electronic tracking unit the exact location of the problem area;
  • We offer you a permanent solution to repair the drain.

How to Prevent Drain Blockages or Cracking in the First Place.

The best strategy of all is to maintain your drains with periodic inspections.  What’s more, preventing blockages before they happen is easy when you follow a few simple steps:

  • Avoid planting trees and shrubs with extensive root systems;
  • Avoid driving vehicles or machinery over the top of drains;
  • Obtain a council drainage plan before undertaking any excavation;
  • Avoid pouring fat or grease down your drain;
  • Avoid washing sand or other debris down your drains.

For immediate help with blocked or overflowing drains or any related problems, contact Whywait Plumbing today…job done!

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